Warning! The server is still in development. Some information may be outdated/missing please be advised.

Life Emulator - Release Date (Minecraft Life Server)10:36

Life Emulator - Release Date (Minecraft Life Server)


Life Emulator is the emulator of life in the form of Minecraft! The idea of this server is to get as close as to real life as possible, but unlike real life we want to make every moment fun! This server is custom coded, no public plugins are used other then essentials. The server is geared to let you choose your own path, and make a profit from doing so. The goal is simple, make life fun, in Minecraft. And if you keep reading, you will see that we have done just that.





Patch notes:

Patch: 0.12

  • Scrapped Tutorial
  • Easy mode length increased to two hours
  • Players with notoriety cannot join jobs.
  • Police radar changes, player will no longer get messages telling them if they are on or off the radar.
  • Cops losing rank places them in grace period. (Prevents criminals from being cops to sneak up and attack other players)
  • Profession exp gain fix
  • Strength exp is now gained from fishing and mob slaying. (Mining still gives strength exp as well)
  • Bed respawn fix
  • A /kill command enabled.
  • Cops take 20% less pvp damage, and deal 20% more pvp damage.
  • Fire fighter equipment
  • Firefighter fire notification
  • Quiting serving job grace time
  • Police can break blocks to get to criminals. (Blocks only let other police travel though them, only works if there is a player with notoriety greater then 0.)
  • Police C4 (Only police can travel though blown up blocks, blocks respawn)
  • C4 (Blocks respawn, chest do not get blown up)
  • Trespassing command, players can use this command to mark players as trespassers, trespassers can be damage by cops. This command only works if the target is inside one of the senders properties.
  • Combat logging protection
  • Logging out in someones property who's isn't yours will be considered a combat log, this will spawn a villager with your items.
  • Police inventory scanning
  • Illegal items
  • Cops and Offenders are always visible on the dynmap. Normal players are not
  • Police equipment
  • Lock picks (Delayed, will be added in by the end of tomorrow night to give players time to get ready, doesn't require restart)

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