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Skill Requirements

Image Item Level Experience
Wood shovel
Wooden Spade05
Wood axe
Wooden Axe010
Leather Leggings
Leather Leggings020
Wood pickaxe
Wooden Pickaxe010
Leather Chestplate
Leather Chestplate025
Leather Boots
Leather Boots015
Wood hoe
Wooden Hoe05
Leather Healmet
Leather Helmet015
Wood sword
Wooden Sword05
Stone pickaxe
Stone Pickaxe116
Stone sword
Stone Sword110
Stone hoe
Stone Hoe110
Stone shovel
Stone Spade18
Stone axe
Stone Axe116
Gold sword
Gold Sword310
Gold boots
Gold Boots310
Gold helmet
Gold Helmet310
Chainmail chestplate
Chainmail Chestplate310
Chainmail helmet
Chainmail Helmet310
Gold chestplate
Gold Chestplate320
Chainmail leggings
Chainmail Leggings310
Gold pickaxe
Gold Pickaxe315
Gold axe
Gold Axe315
Gold shovel
Gold Spade310
Gold leggings
Gold Leggings315
Gold hoe
Gold Hoe310
Chainmail boots
Chainmail Boots310
Iron boots
Iron Boots420
Iron shovel
Iron Spaid410
Iron helmet
Iron Helmet420
Iron chestplate
Iron Chestplate430
Iron hoe
Iron Hoe415
Iron leggings
Iron Leggings425
Iron axe
Iron Axe520
Iron pickaxe
Iron Pickaxe520
Iron sword
Iron Sword615
Diamond helmet
Diamond Helmet735
Diamond boots
Diamond Boots735
Diamond shovel
Damond spade815
Diamond hoe
Diamond Hoe945
Diamond pickaxe
Diamond Pickaxe950
Diamond axe
Diamond Axe950
Diamond leggings
Diamond Leggings940
Diamond sword
Diamond Sword1045
Diamond chestplate
Diamond Chestplate1050
Door iron
Iron Door1015

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